We are now taking applications for operators for the WWV Centennial Special Event Amateur Radio Station WW0WWV.

The application became available March 1, 2019, and will be accepted at least through the end of April, 2019.  The application can be found in the Main Menu on the right side of any page of the website, or simply go to the application here.

The planned operating period will be for 5 days, from 0000Z September 28 until 2359Z October 2, 2019, which is 6pm MDST Friday afternoon/evening on September 27, through 6PM MDST on Wednesday, October 2, 2019.

The operator experience will be intense!  We anticipate the demand for QSOs with WW0WWV may rival that of a DXpedition or the intensity of major contests.  We are looking for operators with experience, but are also open to new operators who want to learn and are willing to work hard.  Everyone involved will experience the intense environment of rapid exchanges and pile-ups.

We are planning for operators to perform a 3-hour shift, with 30 minute overlap at the beginning and end of a shift and a 2-hour operating window.  There will be 4 simultaneous stations using various modes and bands.  So that's 4 stations, each operator pulling 2-hour  shifts at each station.   In one day we will need 48 operators, at a minimum!  240 operator-shifts in 5 days.  We would like to have as many unique operators as possible, but will work with those of you who want to contribute more than one shift.  Operators can choose to team up with another amateur, if they choose.

The physical site will have a commons area for fellow hams to use before and after their shifts, get a cup of coffee, or just hang out.  We are also hopeful we can add a 5th station for contacts with schools and other unique stations, basically a GOTA station.  We've also been approached to host a 6m station, satellite field operations, and VHF/UHF analog and digital.

Housing and travel will be the responsibility of the operator.  We will NOT be able to host overnight RV parking and camping at the operations site, but there are camping possibilities outside Fort Collins and some local county and state parks within 30 minutes of the station.  Most hotels are in Fort Collins proper, about 10 miles to the south of WWV/WWVB, and nearby Wellington, CO, offers much less.  Fort Collins and the surrounding area have a population close to 250,000, so there are many housing possibilities including VRBOs and AirBnBs.  There will be a competing demand for housing toward the end of the our event with Colorado State University holding their Homecoming weekend from October 2 - October 6, 2019.

Please consider a fall vacation to Northern Colorado!  This is an incredible time of year to visit mountain destinations like Rocky Mountain National Park, famous for the Elk Rut and buggling.  If you like micro-brews, Fort Collins is home to over 20 different craft breweries.  The area hiking and mountain biking is some of the best in Colorado.

Ask anyone who lives here when's the best time to visit, and they'll tell you the fall!  We hope to see you for a world-class special event station here in Northern Colorado at the end of September.

For further information or if you have any questions, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .