WWV operates on a rather large (390 acre), secure site at 2000 E. County Rd 58, Fort Collins, CO 80524.  The WWV Centennial amateur radio special events station will be located on a 15-acre site located on the WWV property but outside of the security fence, which reduces complications for 24-hour operation immensely.  The 3 map images zoom in on the 15 acre site, which is outlined and shaded in red in the center of each map.

The WWV site was inspected and walked by the NCARC WWV Committee on Thursday, December 20, 2018.  The initial survey suggests that two (2) 20-15-10m beam antennas would be best located along the north edge of the property, both at a height of 30ft.  In addition, two dedicated 20m and 40m verticals will be used, as well as a “Battle Creek Special”, which is a trapped vertical for 40m and 80m, with an inverted L for 160m all in one antenna.  The “Battle Creek Special” requires a very wide counterpoise using ground radials up to 120 ft from the antenna.  The WWV Centennial site will easily accommodate the antennas.

There is plenty of level ground for operations RVs and establishing a central operations camp, as well as ample parking for operators and visitors.

In summary, the WWV Committee is impressed with the site.

Power needs will have to be met with generators, as the site is at least a quarter mile removed from WWV regular operations buildings.  Temporary restrooms will be brought in, but there will NOT be water or sewer service available.  NO PERSONAL RVs will be allowed at the site.

Two days after the WWV Committee inspected the site, December 22, 2018, the US Government "shutdown."

UPDATE:  NIST and NCARC have resumed planning discussions after the shutdown ended.  Please see the main home page for the most recent information.


The images below zoom in on the site with three different scales.


WWV operating site satellite view 1

 Wellington, Colorado and Interstate 25 and the WWV Operating Site.


Colorado Highway 1 is also E County Rd 58, Larimer County.  WWV is at 2000 E. County Rd 58, Fort Collins, CO 80524, the intersection with N. County Rd 11


The operating site is 15 acres.  Beam antennas for 20m, 17m, 15m, 10m will be on the north side of the site.  Vertical 160m, 80m, 40m, 20m antennas will be in the eastern region of the line of trees.



View looking east across a majority of the 15 acre operating site.  2 beam antennas will be installed on the far left, or northern, edge of the site.  Vertical antennas will be on the far side of the trees.


The NCARC WWV Committee inspects the operating site, with the WWVB southern array and towers in the background

For any questions or problems, contact us at wwvarc@ncarc.net