Festival of Frequency Measurement

Calling all amateur radio stations, shortwave listeners, and others interested in calibrating their equipment and/or capable of making HF frequency measurements--celebrate the 100th anniversary of WWV by participating in frequency calibration and measurement!

WWV is the US broadcast center of frequency distribution and measurement. In that spirit, WW0WWV is sponsoring frequency measurement as part of its activities.


Frequency Calibration and Certificates

For part of its operation, WW0WWV will operate in full-carrier AM mode at an announced, accurate frequency and invite listeners to calibrate their receivers against its carrier. The station will also, on request, measure amateur station's AM carriers and report their transmitted accuracy to them and include it on their QSO certificate. The involved WW0WWV station will be an NIST-traceable measurement system, and a description of that will be included on the certificate also.


The Festival of Frequency Measurement

On October 1st, 2019, hams far and wide will be celebrating the WWV centennial with a unique sub-event--the Festival of Frequency Measurement. The Festival is a coordinated effort to incorporate distributed scientific measurements into the WWV centennial. The experiment--which has participants make frequency measurements for use in ionospheric research--showcases the importance of WWV’s role in disseminating time and frequency information, and its impact and continuing capability to enable scientific research.

Join them, and help celebrate the unique role of WWV!

If you have

  • amateur radio, shortwave, or other receiver equipment capable of receiving one of WWV’s signals, and
  • a means of estimating the carrier frequency of WWV and recording these measurements (such as a computer running the free Fldigi software)

you likely have enough to contribute. Take a look at the instructions, and don’t hesitate to reach out to the organizers if you would like guidance.

Data collection will take place for the entire UTC day of October 1st 2019. Participants will need to spend some time beforehand and afterwards to setup their equipment and collect the data, respectively. Participants are also advised to test their setup in the days preceding the event.

Details and instructions may be found on HamSCI's website,




We look forward to your QSO with our station and to receiving that data file!

For any questions or problems, contact us at wwvarc@ncarc.net