WW0WWV Centennial SES is on the air!


After months preparation, WW0WWV is finally on the air!

Our general operating schedule is posted on QRZ.com, and we'll update here when we can, but we're all being kept busy.


As of 1700 UTC 9/28, we were close to 1500 QSOs so far and counting . . .


The Festival of Frequency Measurement:

Calling all amateur radio stations, shortwave listeners, and others interested in calibrating their equipment and/or capable of making HF frequency measurements--celebrate the 100th anniversary of WWV by participating in frequency calibration and measurement!

Get in the spirit of the event and be an active participant in the special event station by visiting the Festival of Frequency Measurement page and learning more...


ONE week to go . . .

Fort Collins, September 19, 2019:

With only 8 days until we go on the air, we are now in scramble mode, and even with the best planning, there are always unforeseen twists . . .

The staff at WWV has been busy getting ready for their October 1, 2019 ceremony and a visit from the Gathersburg, Maryland and Boulder, Colorado research labs.  They have been kind enough to help us with site preparation and logistics, and we are excited to get started!


Here’s what’s happening from September 28 to October 2, 2019:

The world’s oldest radio station, WWV, turns 100 years on October 1, 2019, and we are celebrating!

From September 28 through October 2, 2019, the Northern Colorado ARC and WWV ARC, along with help from RMHam, FCCW, and operators from across the country, are planning 24-hour operations of special event station WW0WWV on CW, SSB and digital modes.  Operations will shift between HF bands following normal propagation changes and will include 160m and 6m meteor scatter.  We will be operating right at the WWV site and face a challenging RF environment.


NIST - No (wide open) Open-House on October 1 (updated September 19):

The WWV Committee has recently learned that the original plans of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), to hold an open-house on the anniversary October 1, 2019, have changed.  Due to a number of reasons, the scope of the formal celebration will be limited to only 100 participants.  

As of September 16, NIST is accepting registration for anyone interested in attending the ceremony, as explained, above.  Those who would like to attend should follow the link at the top of this page to the NIST Conference Registration portal.


Outreach to the Fort Collins Community:

The Fort Collins Museum of Discovery is partnering with WW0WWV to share the magic of Amateur Radio with Fort Collins on Sunday, September 29, 2019.  An amateur station will be operating all morning, and also making scheduled contacts with WW0WWV right in front of the museum. 

Museum guests will have a chance to talk over the air to the hams at WWV, get to ask questions about WWV and radio in general, and even experience a little Morse code fun.  If you’re there for a contact with WW0WWV, you may even get your own QSL card.

If you would like a similar experience for your community, please contact the WWV Committee using the School and Museum contact form via the links in the Main Menu.


Please visit our Facebook (@WWV100) and Twitter (@WWV_100) pages and follow us on social media!

NCARC, WWV ARC, RMHAM, FCCW, and our operators from across the country are looking forward to the end of September and the privilege of celebrating WWV turning 100.


For any questions or problems, contact us at wwvarc@ncarc.net