The WWV Committee met at the WWVB Conference Room at 4pm on Friday, February 22.  Attending were Darren Kalmbach (KC0ZIE), Kevin Utter (N7GES), Matt Deutch (N0RGT), and Dave Swartz (W0DAS).  Doug Sutton, WWV/NIST joined us for the first time, as well as Jim Burrus, also NIST, from Boulder by phone.

We began by talking with Jim Burrus, public affairs office, Boulder NIST, on a conference call, and determined their main press release efforts would be announced about 3 months prior to the event, for the best media coverage.  We  discussed Jim reaching out to various scientific publications in the near future about the anniversary, as well as potential for educational opportunities.

Matt Deutch was in touch with John Lowe and found out that work is still being done on the MOU, and we should have this by our March 8 meeting.  Matt and Doug Sutton are working on details for NIST for the actual site open house and ceremony on October 1.

Darren, Dave and Kevin are completing the operator application, with a March 1 deadline to make it active.

James Cizek, KI0KN,  updated us via email on progress he has made toward acquiring loaner equipment and gear from several major manufacturer's and suppliers.  The response has been "very positive", and the committee looks forward to working with these companies to make the special event station a success.  We'll tell you more when we can.

Dave reported the club vanity call sign should be active on February 23, 18 days after applying for it.  Sure enough, the FCC issued call sign WW0WWV to the WWVARC on February 23, right on time!